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For those who like to do things their way.

Chat GPT

Chat GTP is a bit of a game changer.

It can produce excellent copy for listing descriptions media posts scripts for sales meetings with clients email responses. closing ideas

Apart fom the quality it produces it is a mamoth time saver

Sales advice and legals

Sites that list for private sellers

No Agent type sales sites that can list your home on the all important Cabal that is Real and Domail

Let’s get started.

How to sell your home without an agent

If you want to sell your property without an agent it is worthwhile to seek assistance from one of several available “for sale by owner” websites. They can assist in preparing advertising and ensuring your property is listed on the main real estate websites  (primarily and Domain).  

Below is a list of some of the websites helping owners in Australia to sell their properties without an agent:

  • Real Private

  • For Sale By Owner

  • buyMyplace

  • No Agent Property

  • Agent In A Box

  • Real Estate Your Way

  • Sell My Property Now

  • For Sale For Lease

  • Private Property List

  • Cubbi – no longer offering selling packages

  • Your Hot Property

  • Property Now

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