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Preparing your house for Real Estate Photography.

Be Patient and wait for a bright sunny day. It makes a world of difference!



Good preparation is essential when presenting your home to the market. In general think about setting up your house like a display home.

Declutter and even consider removing some non essential furniture. Remove rugs to reveal the floor if it is in good condition.

Make sure everything is in good repair and is thoroughly cleaned. Remove evidence of pets which may put off some buyers.

Depersonalise your home by removing personal photographs and objects of a personal nature.

Clean windows, particularly if you have views. Removing fly screens on the 'view' windows for the photoshoot is certainly beneficial.

Remove semi translucent, sheer curtains. They reduce the light, block out the view and look quite old fashioned in the shoot.

Keep kitchen benches clear with the exception of say a coffee machine, flowers or a knife block for example. Clear the fridge of magnets, notices etc.

Bathrooms should be clear of all products with just perhaps a plant and a candle for example. Clean, well folded towels to match the colour scheme can be a good addition

Remove tea towels, tissue boxes and bug spray.



Keep lawns mowed and edged. Weed flower beds, path and driveways and mulch beds. 

Consider pruning back trees if needed to improve the external view of the house and perhaps brighten up the interior.

 Ensure decks are well maintained. Having furniture set up on them is a great addition.

Large sheds and garages should be also decluttered and tidied.

Hide bins.

Ensure gutters are clear, pressure clean walls if needed and touch up areas in need of paint.


Take that extra step

Add lifestyle features 

Setup food and wine on the outdoor setting. Steaming cups of coffee and a plate of Tim Tams on the coffee table Have a bodyboard neatly stored in the laundry. Bikes or a kayak clearly visible in the shed. A book resting on a comfy seat in the garden. Get creative!

 For evening shots have all globes the same. Old incandescent globes create an orange, warm cast. Modern LED's are colour neutral

Hide portable heaters, air conditioners and fans.

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